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Virtual Services

Almost every service that is offered in person can also be offered virtually!

The Color Experience color draping appointment has been specifically designed to be delivered virtually 


The Color Experience is a 90-min appointment where I'll share a 25-page presentation that has been personalized for you following the analysis of your unique combination of hair color, eye color & skin tone

You'll learn even more about your best colors...the patterns that flatter you, the level of contrast in prints that are most complimentary, color combinations that look great on you & more!

*See Services: 1:1 Appointments for more information

1.5 HRS - $127


Style by Color has introduced a new way to create a working wardrobe using pieces you, most likely, already have, based on colors that are best for you and that you love, so you can truly feel as beautiful as God thinks you are

One day inside your closet will reinvent it for the next 365 days. 
We'll rebuild your wardrobe to make it fun and easy to put together an amazing outfit every time!

We'll work together, using a worksheet and inventory, to help you accurately determine the best way to build your closet so it feels like a personal boutique

*Can only be completed following the initial signature service.

2 hrs - $117

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