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fashion tools

I want to help you solve your struggle with style.

When you do, every day inside your closet will feel like shopping in a boutique designed just for you!


The Closet Outfit Planner

End that "I have a closet full of clothes and nothing to wear" feeling - all year long!

This handy dandy guide that helps you edit, organize and stock your closet in a way that helps you to create more than 100 outfits is priceless.


The Digital Color Collection

Imagine having your best 36 colors at your fingertips every time you go shopping! This the way to get your outfit right every time - Color.


Color Swatch Deck

Everything you need to know about wearing your best colors is in this stack of swatches.

You'll find not only your colors but tips for wearing your best jewelry metals, makeup, accessories & more!

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