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When you discover your BEST colors, you will never look at yourself or COLOR again in the same way. 


And, I believe every woman should know their Color Code(a category based on the unique combination of your hair color, eye color & skin tone) so I am now offering a variety of color analysis services. Just choose the one that's right for you!


This free online color analysis quiz, developed by Style by Color, asks you a few quick questions then lets you know which is the best Color Code for you.

Want to confirm your assigned code? Come back to my website and save $5 on your e-mailed analysis! See my Color Confirmation service.



Want to be sure the correct Color Code has been assigned to you?

I can complete a Color Confirmation via email. You will need to send at least two current photos taken in natural lighting. Upon purchase, you'll be emailed instructions for submitting. 

(Save $5 by purchasing your confirmation directly through my website!)



This 25-minute consultation option provides you an overview of your Color Code and INCLUDES the Digital Color Collection.

25 min - $47


Do you want to learn the secret to a perfect outfit?



You can be doing everything right: wearing the latest fashion trends, dressing correctly for the occasion, choosing good clothing for your age & stage. But, if you're not wearing the colors that are right for you, it's just not your personal best. 


Do you want:

  • your eyes to pop & your skin to glow?

  • your outside appearance to match your inner spirit?

  • to look younger and more energized?


Discover your Color Code! 

A palette of 36 colors that are flattering to your unique combination of skin tone, hair color & eye color. This virtual experience will help you to learn how to buy clothing in hues that will build a beautiful wardrobe. Kind of like a personal boutique!



 How does this work?

 Step 1: You'll submit 3 photos to me(Don't worry - I'll tell you exactly how to take them!)

Step 2: I'll analyze your unique combination of hair color, eye color & skin tone

Step 3: We'll meet for your 90-min, virtual appointment, where I'll share a 25-page presentation that has been personalized for you & will reveal your Color Code


What else will I learn? 

Your best colors of...

  • makeup

  • accessories

  • shoes & handbags

  • the current season 


What will I take with me from the appointment?

 An e-guide for your Color Code

A set of Digital Swatches that will make shopping a breeze, and fun!

A new approach to dressing with color & confidence

1+ HRS - $127


The only thing more fun than having your colors done is watching other women have theirs done, too! Gather a group for value pricing.

Groups of 10 or more $20/guest

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