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1:1 Appointments

These offerings are designed to allow me to walk alongside you on your fashion journey

Whether discovering your best colors or determining the best pieces to keep in your closet, I'll also be teaching you how to take the skills and knowledge you acquire during our time together and apply it on your own


Let's find your color code, body type and style personality!

This initial analysis will teach you how to use the secrets of style as weapons against anything that tries to tell you you're not made perfectly. I'll teach you how to emphasize all of your beautiful attributes and camouflage the rest. You'll leave the appointment with personalized guides to dressing your body type and color swatches to carry with you when you shop.

Wearing colors that are in harmony with your eye, hair and skin colors can actually making you look younger, more rested and energetic. Colors that fight your own, natural coloring will either wash out your features or overwhelm them. The wrong colors can make you look tired and dull, and even older.

"This is why I tell you: do not be worried about...clothes for your body. After all,  isn't life worth more than food? And isn't the body worth more than clothes?" Matthew 6:25

Are you ready to get dressed without the stress of WORRYING about looking less than fabulous? 
Do you want to know the SECRETS which will forever help you to dress with SELF-CONFIDENCE?
The real you is about to be revealed...are you ready to see your TRUE BEAUTY?

1+ HRS - $97


Do you want to learn the secret to a perfect outfit?



You can be doing everything right: wearing the latest fashion trends, dressing correctly for the occasion, choosing good clothing for your age & stage. But, if you're not wearing the colors that are right for you, it's just not your personal best. 


Do you want:

  • your eyes to pop & your skin to glow?

  • your outside appearance to match your inner spirit?

  • to look younger and more energized?


Discover your Color Code! 

A palette of 36 colors that are flattering to your unique combination of skin tone, hair color & eye color. This virtual experience will help you to learn how to buy clothing in hues that will build a beautiful wardrobe. Kind of like a personal boutique!



 How does this work?

 Step 1: You'll submit 3 photos to me(Don't worry - I'll tell you exactly how to take them!)

Step 2: I'll analyze your unique combination of hair color, eye color & skin tone

Step 3: We'll meet for your 90-min, virtual appointment, where I'll share a 25-page presentation that has been personalized for you & will reveal your Color Code


What else will I learn? 

Your best colors of...

  • makeup

  • accessories

  • shoes & handbags

  • the current season 


What will I take with me from the appointment?

 An e-guide for your Color Code

A set of Digital Swatches that will make shopping a breeze, and fun!

A new approach to dressing with color & confidence

1+ HRS - $127


Style by Color has introduced a new way to create a working wardrobe using pieces you, most likely, already have, based on colors that are best for you and that you love, so you can truly feel as beautiful as God thinks you are.

One day inside your closet will reinvent it for the next 365 days. 
We'll rebuild your wardrobe to make it fun and easy to put together an amazing outfit every time!

*Can only be completed following the initial signature service.

2 hrs - $117


Lose some weight? Get a new job? Move to a new climate?

Your "go to" wardrobe now needs to accommodate you in different ways.  We can donate, discover, design...a comprehensive plan for reworking your closet will be implemented during this session.  Now, no stressing, only smart spending, and a satisfaction that you can dress confidently and beautifully!

*Can only be completed following the initial signature service.

3 hrs - $147

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